Behind the dark and twisted mask of horror-hacker lies an 18 year old aspiring female Journalism student from Melbourne, Australia. This horror-enthusiast will watch anything that makes her heart race and will commit to watching the most disturbing stories.

About Horror-Hacker

Horror-hacker is an in-depth film analysis and rating on horror films that she has watched and feel like the world needs to know about. Whether it be good or bad, I will always keep my review honest and descriptive while being grateful and respectful for the content that has been delivered. This blog will be alternative from any other horror blog out in the big, wide world web because she will offer a quick-fix solution on how good the storyline, jump and gore scenes were to consist of horror. For those who are interested in the cinematography and outlay of a horror film, she will analyse the content to provoke a deeper discussion.

About You

This blog is essential about her fascination and love of horror films, however it is all about those who do read the blog as well. Guess what, that’s you! If you have taken the time to read anything or just take a glimpse at this blog it is all greatly appreciated. This blog will assist you with deciding what films suit your mood or what you are looking for with secondary ratings from other credible sources as well as her ratings as well. Quick graphics, a synopsis, details about the film and polls will help you decide instantly what film you want to watch. Over the years horror-hacker has struggled to find quick and honest reviews of horror movies, and has ended up watching her fair share of poorly budgeted and scripted movies that did not satisfy her adrenaline rush. This will be no more, that’s why this blog is for you.

This young woman implores you to follow that next adrenaline rush, even if it is minor and experience horror for all it’s worth. She hopes this blog satisfies your desire to discuss your passion for horror films or is just a quick fix to locateĀ thatĀ movie you need to watch.

Signing out,