The conception of this blog was founded on the content created by others through various social media platforms. Twitter has been incredibly useful in giving me a starting point and background information that informed me about the inner workings of horror, and it helps me to continue to be updated. For instances my first blog post The Boy is a review upon a movie I found on twitter which led me to a youtube video before the movie was released, I was convinced I had to see the movie from that point onward. I will continue to use twitter as a source of popular and current news that will generate new blog posts and introduce me to films that may be coming out or are a ‘must see’. These are my ‘must-follows’ that will keep you in the loop on horror.

Horror-hacker’s list of the Twitter ‘must-follows’ for horror-enthusiasts

  1. Fangoria (@FANGORIA): A magazine founded in 1979, this publication has the most updated and current news through constant postings on twitter, that will never leave you out of the loop. 
  2. Blumhouse (@blumhouse): Their twitter is jam packed with the latest and greatest content that they are producing, as well as some creepy articles linked to their website.
  3. FX Australia (@fxtvau) : This Foxtel channel features the most popular and current film and television show content within the thriller and horror sphere. If you need a horror fix flick over to this. 
  4. Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT): He is a writer and director of horror films, his twitter is filled with what he likes in horror ranging from books to movies. 
  5. Tom Holland (@RealTomHolland): A writer and director, Holland’s twitter features his own website that sells and creates horror content, as well as posting about what films and shows he’s watching. 
  6. FUME FILMS (@FUME_FILMS): Multi award winning short film directors post their recent projects as well as retweeting feedback from fans of horror. 
  7. James Wan (@creepypuppet): This Australian director continually posts about his new projects and creates new outlets for fans to view his content.
  8. Horror Cult Films (@HorrorCultFilms): This twitter reviews and sources feedback from audiences on everything horror, by linking to other reviews it opens up a diverse and updated conversation on what is circulating. 
  9. Horror Freak News (@HorrorFreakNews): This twitter circulates articles, film reviews, memes and sources alternative content to bring the most updated and intriguing news to horror fans. 
  10. Upcoming Horror Movies (@UHMtweet): This twitter offers leading sources to track down upcoming films within horror, which is constantly updated with new content.  
  11. Darren_Bousman (@darren_bousman): This director is into horror rock opera’s while also featuring his favourite content within the world of horror. 
  12. HorrorSociety (@HorrorSociety): A twitter filled with independent horror content focuses on indie news, reviews and interviews etc. while giving a voice to those outside of the big labels. This creates intriguing and diverse horror content, that is updated frequently. 

Let me know if you find these twitters as useful as I do, by contacting me here , happy tweeting 🙂